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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

30 paintings in 30 days. Day 25

January 25
We are staying with our grandchildren, and two dogs and two cats, while our son and daughter in law are in the Dominican. (Lucky ducks). We are pretty lucky, too.  We love those little munchkins.   However, yesterday, they were both sick! So they stayed home from school.....we talked to their parents and they made the call, thank goodness.  As a result,  my painting ended up an after-bedtime event. 
   This is Brie,one of our  our granddogs.  We've bonded more over this last week. As a pup she would always jump in our fish pond (of course......she's a lab) upsetting the fountain and the fish. Lol. 
  She's matured and has much better manners now.  We had a fun photo session Sunday morning and she was so attentive, I got some great pictures.  
Not for sale 

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Cindy Gillett said...

So sweet! Love the expression.