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Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Elegant Baby Room

I did this room to match the layette to owner bought. The room was already a neutral beige, so I glazed the "quilting" around the bottom of the room, topped with brown "stitched' flowers and accented with brown, pink, a cream "curly bits." I think it is lovely. It is beautiful for a baby, but it would be suitable for any girl, even a teenager. The client was thrilled, too.

Baby girl room

Jaxan's Room

I spent last week in this little boy's new room. He got all the sports "guys", hockey guy, basketball guy, football guy, football tackle guy. Plus he got a sports locker painted on his closet door. Remind me to never paint closet doors again. With the wood grain and the raised panel, it was a nightmare. I finally finished. It took me about 3 days longer than I thought it would.

Jaxan's Room

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ada's new room

Lucky Girl, she has her own blue-ray!

I've just finished painting my greatniece's new room. There will be someone new moving into the nursery. I painted lots of fishies and Ada swimming on her turtle. (That pic to come later)

She was such fun to hang out with . Hope you enjoy your underwater adventure, Ada!!

Ada's Room

Monday, March 8, 2010

A tattoo I designed for a young lady ...... at the request of her mother.
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If you "click" on the pictures you can enlarge them.

Can You See the Forest?

This is a fairly large canvas that I did after a trip to the lake. It's winter but a few golden leaves still cling to some of the branches.
I think this is 24 X 36
acrylic on canvas
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12 X12
oil on canvas

Don't you just love him?
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This is a portrait I did in a class a few years ago. I was really looking forward to learning which colors to use and then we did this woman. She turned out lovely but I never learned how to paint light skin in the class :(
She will soon be available in prints.
I am excited to post these new pictures of my paintings. I had some of them photographed professionally. There is quite a difference in the quality of the photos.
This is "Unchain My Heart 2" It's a lock on a crypt in Cuba. I love the rust and the aged copper.
12 X 12 acrylic on canvas
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