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Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Painting today. My easel was calling me but Addisen came to visit for most of the day, so I just hung out and played. Tomorrow, for sure. Way to go Canada. I loved every bit of the Olympics!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


A friend of mine recently lost their dog, Zip. This is a picture of him as a puppy. I couldn't resist including the Zipper.
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Unchain my Heart 2

This is from our trip to Cuba last year. The cemetary was amazing!! This crypt had TWO padlocks on it....I"m not sure if they don't want anyone to get out or get in! The chain reminded me of a heart, and I love the verdi gris copper.
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I did a series of nests, and took them down to an awesome store in Lloydminster, called "Twigs" I took them some small paintings of nests, and a large birch painting and some other stuff. Pop in and check out their great selection of home decor and local art and jewelry.
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This last photograph is one of the ones I had done professionally. Nice!
This is a better photograph of the painting. I'm still learning : )

I had fun painting Ada. She is so sweet. I learned lots doing this don't start a portrait with a black background. I did some touchups and will post the newest one to compare.

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Warm, Eh

I was inspired to paint my Olympic Mittens. They are well worn! When I laid them down on the chair, they looked like a heart and I got so many ideas. This little painting is 6 X 6 inches and still verrrry wet. I did it in oils and I love all the texture. It was almost like I was knitting with paint.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This painting is called "Fractal" It is 28X 26 acrylic on canvas. Its a close up of a palm in Cuba. I've just learned the word "fractal" by reading the book "The Shack"
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