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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Window Painting at Servus Credit Union

The south facing window of Servus Credit Union....there is about to be a stage-coach robbery.  Detail of the horses, and coach.     

Looks like it was the "Border Bandit"   West windows at Servus Credit Union, Atrium Centre.

Window painting Royal Bank (RBC)

 RBC chuckwagon scene.  Trudy Nolin-Zoerb, who contacted me to paint, is Vern and Shane Nolin's aunt.   This mural represents them both, because you can't have a favorite!  Boy, main-street Lloydminster is very noisy, there are a lot of diesel vehicles here.
I don't think New York was as loud.  There are lots of cars, but not too many trucks.

By the way, it was mentioned on Facebook that I spelled competetiors wrong.  It should be competitors.  Soory, mai speeling isn't two good sometemes. I was worried about the end of the word, if it was an "e" or an "o"........ should have checked a dictionary, right Kay?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Window Painting at the Lloyd EX

Finished up the the LloydEx entrance this morning.  I would have stayed later last night, but their lights didn't come on and I couldn't see straight, either.

I am delighted how this side turned out.  The cowboy and his horse are roping a poor little hereford calf. 

The lettering is tricky.  I am thinking about each letter, and not how the word is spelled.  But I think I did OK!!  If anyone can find me a paintbrush with spellcheck, I would appreciate it.   The couple to the left are square-dancing.  I like the movement and the cowboy has a nice butt, thanks for posing, Roy!   The girl has a great outfit and she is supposed to be smiling........some things are harder to paint than others.  Painting at the RBC tomorrow.  If you drive by, say "Hi"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Window Painting at the Country Store

 This took me waaay longer than I bargained for.  Two teams of horses and an outrider, plus the lettering.  I had to be up quite high on the scaffolding and the ground was uneven....there are lessons to be learned every where I look : )

My friend, the outrider.
Love these colors.

I think I am getting better at painting horses.
 Tricky to paint because you can see three horses very well, but one horse is nearly hidden from sight.

window painting

It was a smokin' hot two days!!              

Painted this entry for the Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce.  Finished on Thursday
Met some interesting people, too.  I love it when people stop to chat.  Answered lots of questions,
steered a couple from Switzerland to the address they were looking for, and got out of the way when the door opened..........lots!
Had fun, thanks for having me come to paint!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still painting the town.

Still painting the town, this time at Harvest to Home.  It was after 9 last night when I finished up so I will post a better after was getting dark.

They grind their own flour at Harvest to Home.

Welcoming the Canadian Profesional Chuckwagon finals. 
I love the boots, one day I might just get me a pair!!  : )

Friday, August 5, 2011

Literally painting the town

I have been doing some window painting for the upcoming Chuckwagon Week.
The top photos are at the Newcap News office in Lloydminster and
the unfinished horse in the bottom photo is on our house.