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Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Summer's End"

24 x 30
acrylic on canvas
What a deal

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New photo of the same painting. I hope there is less glare.
Hot off the easel, my first painting in 2011.
We have a cabin at Murphy Lake, Saskatchewan. It is surrounded by birch trees, poplar trees, willows and wildflowers. The deer will eat right out of my husbands hand and the chickadees and wrens sing and the hummingbirds empty the feeders almost as fast as we can fill them. I love it there. The end of summer fills me with a sort of sadness. I know that many of the birds will go south, and my parents, too. There won't be any swimming, shouts of laughter as someone gets dumped off the tube, or party boat cruises to watch the sunset, until next year. I love the cabin in the winter, too. We don't get there as often, but we enjoy the crisp, cold air and playing Farkle by the fire with our friends.

I hope 2011 brings everyone a year of fun, friendship, good times and happy memories.

"Summer's End"24 X 30
heavily textured acrylic
gallery wrapped, painted on the edges, ready to hang or be framed.
Sorry for the glare, I will try to get a better photo in the daylight tomorrow.
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