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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Moo Year!!

Baby Blue
8 x 10
I totally did this one just for fun.  In fact, I painted over a painting that I didn't really like, so its kind of a two for one.
I love the new year.  I get a feeling of renewed ambitions, a fresh start,
and looking forward to all the possibilities.
I have decided to make a few "resolutions"....more like "intentions"
I intend to meditate every day.
I have been meditating often, but not every day.
I intend to go outside every day.
When I'm painting, or working on a commission, the entire day, or several in a row,
can go buy without me even venturing out.
I intend to keep a gratitude journal for the year.
I have done for a month, and it really helps you look for things to be grateful for.
What do intend for 2013?
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