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Monday, April 26, 2010


I think I have finished doing my taxes.....although I'm never sure. I always think I'm missing some fabulous deduction that would have saved me thousands(he he. Yeah, right.) Oh well, I must admit that I do a very loose bookkeeping all year and just plug away one day. Really, not so bad once you think about it. I spent the last week working on a commission for a 65th birthday present. All the grandchildren of the birthday girl skating on their pond. How nice. I must say that painting all 8 grandchildren on canvas was a real pain in my b**t. I think I shall try to paint on panel. I don't like the texture of the canvas for portraits. I even bought the superior grade of canvas. Oh well, it was picked up and they seemed to love it. I shall post a picture when my eyeballs are less tired. We are off to Edmonton early tomorrow. Drop Auntie Gwen at the airport, shop, do lunch and come home. MMM I need to be up in 5 hours! Nighty Night!

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